The White C(r)ane Project

AYUDH Kenya – Youth wing of NGO –  Embracing the World Kenya (an affiliation of M. A. Math Charitable Trust Kenya) has donated free white canes to Visually Impaired beneficiaries since 2013, as part of the WHITE C(R)ANE initiative in Kenya. With more than 3000 white canes already distributed through various donations, a further 25,000+ white canes were allocated for the beneficiaries at the onset of the pandemic.
The White Cane is a universal symbol of independence for blind persons, enabling them to navigate their way in confidence, safety and dignity. Through our project, we have chosen the symbol of a white crane, epitomizing a sense of hope and freedom that a cane can bring to the blind, like wings of a bird.
See Through my World is the official theme song of the White C(r)ane Project.  
The song showcases the various talents that differently-abled individuals are equipped with, and are often overlooked due to their disability. 
Tanya Martin – Goodwill Ambassador, Embracing the World Kenya, composed and collaborated this song with an all-blind band to highlight the need to empower the visually impaired through arts and culture. 

See Through my World!

WCP Launch with Safaricom

Safaricom PLC, through the Diversity and Inclusion Unit, together with Safaricom Foundation partnered with AYUDH Kenya to distribute 20,000 assistive devices (white canes) to #visuallyimpaired Children and Youth in Kenya.

WCP Partnership with Mama Ibado Foundation

Ayudh Kenya distributed 30 white canes and food hampers in partnership with Mama Ibado Foundation to visually impaired individuals from the Shiatsu Massage Group. A further 30 white canes and food hampers were distributed in Isiolo through this partnership.

Rotary Karengata partners for World Sight Day 2020

In light of World Sight Day - 8th Oct 2020 Rotary Club of Karengata partnered with Ayudh Kenya to distribute 50 white canes to visually impaired individuals and their families along with Safaricom.

Ayudh Kenya marks International White Cane Day

Ayudh Kenya in partnership with Safaricom, Kenya Society for the Blind, Kenya Union of the Blind and Lions Club Huru came together to mark International White Cane Day on 15th Oct 2020 by distributing white canes and refreshments to the blind.

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