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Company Overview

Trainex Limited is one of the leading companies in Kenya in Event Management and Corporate Training. It is a subsidiary of Kingsway Group of Companies, which operates across multiple industries including -Kingsway Tyres Ltd, a leading Tyre distributing and retailing company, Real Estate Development, Shopping centres, Hospitality, Supermarket Trading, Lighting Showrooms and Medical centres. Kingsway Group of Companies was established in 1960 and is recognized within the East Africa region with credibility for its Trading Distribution.
Trainex Limited specializes in Imports and Exports Distribution, Corporate and Social Events, Corporate Training and Procurement adapted to meet Customer demands across the African region.
The Training Division was initially set up for in-house Training and Hospitality, however with approval and certification from The National Industrial Training Authority (NITA), it has now extended its services to Corporate Training and Events, a strategy that provides an individual or organization with successful skill and knowledge in the Service industry. 


To create extraordinary events and bring into reality innovative ideas and professional expertise into the corporate training, event management and planning sphere.


To train, develop, create, promote and foster individual and organizational goals by offering an array of diverse and innovative programs, seminars and conferences to enhance employee development, partnerships and organizational enrichment.

Corporate Training (NITA certified), Seminars & Workshops

Event Management

Imports & Exports Distribution

IT Services

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The White C(r)ane Project

AYUDH Kenya – Youth wing of NGO, Embracing the World Kenya has donated White Canes to Visually Impaired beneficiaries since 2013 as part of the WHITE C(R)ANE PROJECT initiative. With over 5000 white canes already distributed through various donations, we are now donating a further 20,000+ white canes to Visually Impaired beneficiaries, nationwide in Kenya.
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